Link 22 Dec The Magic Christmas Tree Part IV»


Link 21 Dec Harry Hazleton»


HARRY HAZLETON is an interesting author to me because he has for many years been said to have written Charley Wag, the New Jack Sheppard by the author of “The Woman with the Yellow…
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Rent Boys

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Mrs. Fitz’s Flat was often only as funny as it’s gags. Fortunately for the first couple of years they were made by the Mort Walker team, which then were at the…

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Link 20 Dec The Christmas Post 2011»

whistling-wizard-album-cover.jpg Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah to all my readers! The record cover pictured here is one of those childhood memories that refuse to leave the brain. The song “Practice Makes Perfect”, on…

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Link 19 Dec Morbid Books for Babes»

LittleWillie from the mirror licked the mercury right off.
Thinking in his childish error it would cure the whooping cough.
At the funeral Willie’s mother sadly said to Mrs. Brown:“

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As Good As They Got

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Another Meskin/Robinson gem. This is what it has all been leading up to, folks.

Link 17 Dec Herriman Saturday»


Monday, February 24 1908 — Herriman takes a day off from boxing coverage on the sports page to shine the light on the many beach cities near L.A. offering excellent angling…
Link 16 Dec 2 notes Ink-Slinger Profile: Eddie Eksergian»

Edward “Eddie” Eksergian was born in Turkey in February 1873, according to the 1900 U.S. Federal Census. The census said he emigrated to America in the year of his birth, however, his…

Link 16 Dec Alley Oop - 1988»

ilovecomix updated gallery ‘Alley Oop - 1988

Alley Oop - 1988

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Odd For Odd’s Sake

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Here’s a real oddity I came across. There were many strips in the late forties using hollywood and starlets as a name of a bass set-up. Patsy in…

Link 14 Dec George Herriman Remembers»


Salt Lake Telegram 31 May 1920.

Krazy Kat, the famous comic creation of George Herriman, has provided merriment for millions over a period of ten years.


Link 14 Dec Obscurity of the Day: The Gee Whiz Brothers»



Sometimes I’d swear cartoonists from the days of yore liked to play tricks directed at future historians. Case in point — look at the two strips above and decide if they…

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