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Who Was That Masked Ghost?

Friday Comic Book Day.

Continuing the Bob Lubbers theme of this week, I have some of his ealry comic book work. All through the late forties he worked on all sorts of…

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One of the entries on my E&P Mystery List is Do You Believe, a feature listed in their directories from 1955-1962 as a daily panel cartoon by…
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A Lot Of BL

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Having shown a lot of Bob Lubbers’ work the last few weeks, I thought I’d go an collect what I have of his late 1959 Saint run. he did this, while he was…

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Not much is known about Harry Murphy except that he was the first editorial cartoonist for the Morning Oregonian. During WWI he was employed by Hearst’s Chicago Examiner on the…

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Long Live The King

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I am sorry to see that the King Aoo reprint series from IDW was either discontunued or put on hold. Here are some new Sunday color scans and…

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Comic Strip Artist ‘Kidded’ Into Profession

George Swanson Creator of ‘Flop Family’ Calls Wife Severest Critic

Herald Statesman (Yonkers, New York) 8/1/1962

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The Fastest Inkslingers in the West

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Meskin and Robinson doing what they did best.

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One Man’s Accident

Saturday Leftover Day.

Here is some more of the Juliet Jones stoy I started thursday. I have since seen (in the second volume of reprint series by classiccomicpress) that the…

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Orange and Purple Haze

Friday Comic Book Day.

I am still getting together the rest of the Juliet Jones story for tomorrow. So here are two more Stan Lee/George Tuska wester stories. Not the best…

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Jack the Ripper in novels from London, America and Sweden. Images…
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Would You Walk A Mile For This Man?

Wednesday Advertising Day.

One of the goals I set myself when I started this blog, was to show and collect as many of the Sgt. Bilko ads for Camel…

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